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behind the book

Andrew Saint James

I'm a global award-winning make-up artist and session stylist based in Cape Town. I work mainly on stills shoots, including fashion, advertising and portraiture. I want every person I touch to not only look beautiful, but feel wonderful, too. The unique opportunity to meet and work with women who are surviving cancer was enough to get me on board. Together, Ramzi and I formulated a vision of how each woman would be uniquely portrayed: From their hair to their make-up and wardrobe. Recently, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. Working with each of these women, and hearing their stories, allowed me to share their journeys

Sean Robert Young

I am a Cape Town based cinematographer and video editor with a passion for capturing beauty and telling visual stories. Working alongside Ramzi Mansour, and seeing his passion for this project, was enough for me to volunteer my time. I knew the results would be beautiful and that it would help others through difficult times in years to come. I hold on to this line from a poem by Rob Johnson: "Then hold on to your findings, keep them close to your heart. Till next we meet again, we'll never be apart." It was written by my uncle in his last years, before he passed away from cancer. Although I wasn't old enough at the time of his death to have known his struggle, I wish now that I could have offered him comfort and hope.

Tasha van Jaarsveld

I am a model agent at ICE Models in Cape Town, and Ramzi often used to pop into the agency to arrange models for his shoot. One day, in conversation, he mentioned his dream for this book, and I felt compelled to share my own cancer story with him. From that moment, I wanted to be involved. As a cancer warrior myself, I wanted to help share the stories of these inspiring women and perhaps in so doing; find my own catharsis. Having support is paramount in one's cancer journey. May this book bring a sense of strength and kinship to all who read it.

Chloe Etheridge

I'm a self-taught illustrator and designer who freelance in Cape Town. My personal work revolves around women empowerment and mental health awareness, especially anxieties around social media. This project particularly spoke to me, as it has the purpose of empowering women going through a battle and then showcasing them in a light not often shown: Stronger than ever.